• Equine identification forms are digitally presented
  • Forms are uniform and easily edited
  • Environmentally friendly reducing paper wastage
  • Accessible any time from any Country
  • Less time consuming


  • Personal Profile for Equestrians and Veterinarians
  • Digital signature saved and inserted to forms
  • Marking forms hosted for participating Equine Bodies
  • Digital Tool Box containing relevant tools to complete the forms
  • Additional to each marking sheet a Photogragh Page with marker for easy focus
  • Examples of frequently used markings
  • Microchip Barcode Scanner
  • Forms are automatically saved and available across all your devices
  • Completed forms may be selected for purchase via In-App Purchase
  • Purchased forms are available to Email
  • Link to Equimark website
  • Contact provided for enquiries and listing
  • Neat and easy interface design