Stop, take a step back, look into the Digital world and identify what it has to offer you!

The daily transformation of technology has a significant influence on businesses, resulting in improved business and admin models. Through technology the commerce environment has evolved, bringing about the acceptance of electronic signatures (otherwise known as an eSignature).

Signature Pic in ArticleWhat is an eSignature?
An eSignature done on a digital device is the replacement of a handwritten signature. The device on which you sign binds your signature into the document as if it were done on paper.

E-signing is just one method of digital signing. The others are the “I agree” button or tick, as well as a cryptograph signature.

The European Union, USA and most governments have laws in place to support the use of digital signatures. These signatures are legal and binding should both parties choose to accept electronic documentation.

An eSignature is a technological development that has advanced modern day business. The use of the eSignature improves the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of administration. Companies that have embraced the digital era make use of eSignatures. In comparison, companies not utilising this technology, still have to print documents before a signature can be inserted. This is time-consuming, and can be inefficient and often a waste of resources.

The standard of modern day technology cannot be compared with that of the past. Making use of todays technology should be to the advantage of a business and its progress.

The Equimark App, designed with modern day technology, has been developed for the benefit of all horse breeds and is available for use by breeders, veterinarians and equine bodies alike. Using this App results in digital uniformity of completed registration and ID forms. Signatures are eSigned and saved with the creation of your profile. It is then inserted into all forms completed by you. These forms are available for email directly from the App to your selected email address/s. By saving paper and postage time, there is a significant increase in administration efficiency and productivity.

The Equimark database can be integrated into the database of registrars allowing for direct upload. eSignature forms are an identical replacement of forms completed on paper, thereby making it the original. Additional security is provided in that a form cannot be edited once purchased.

The use of modern day technology is already a part of your everyday life, so why not complete your next horse identification form on the App and advance into the future!

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